Environment Preview

When we started to develop Full Mojo Rampage, we set as one of the most important objectives to have levels that are interesting and beautiful in 3D.

At the same time we wanted everything to be random and procedural. If you decide to replay this game, levels will be totally different.

We came up with different dungeon and maze generation algorithms to create the basic shapes of the levels. Levels are based on tiles: think of them as a big array of squares that can be either “floor” or “wall”.

Once the general layout is calculated, we need to add art and eye candy to the level. This is done automatically for us at this time, but it required artists to create a lot of small art pieces that are placed procedurally. These are called tile sets. Each tile set has a different style.


The image above shows two different tile sets used in sceneries. We have tile sets for the floor, the walls and the top of the walls.

Once this is done, our engine then places decoration objects (DecoObjects) in the walls, the floor and the top of the scenery.


In the video you can see our game editor that we use to select the different sets and tweak the light and “mood” of an scene. In the game you will find different basic environments (the swamp, the cemetery, etc.) and those will use the visual and generation parameters we configure in the editor. This way we can make sure that the layout is fully random, but the light and the colors match the style of the setting.

The GUI (graphic user interface) and minimap on the top right corner are using some temporary art. Those will change in the next weeks to be more interesting. We are still working on that!

Soon we want to release some gameplay footage of Full Mojo Rampage. Please be sure to follow us in Twitter or Facebook. Drop us a line and tell us what do you want to hear us talk about in future Dev Diaries.