Weapons and Mojos update. Dev Blog 2

In this update we will discuss the latest developments of the game made in these past weeks.

We have been working on things that are needed for the first pre-alpha and which will be available for all the people who will have pre purchased Full Mojo Rampage (Thank You!).

These are some of our goals for this pre alpha:

Play a full campaign

We expect the player to be able to create a new game, and play from start to finish the first campaign of the game. The idea is to have different campaigns in the final game. Each one of these will represent different challenges and goals. These quests are all related to the Voodoo gods (also called Loa). For example, in the first quest you are asked to fix some problems caused by a tipsy Baron Samedi, who made mistakes during a spell, and left enemy portals open all over the world.


Basic weapons gameplay

The main weapons of the player are the Voodoo wands. Right now we have about 10 of these that we consider “final”. The idea is that each wand provides different gameplay. Some shoot more projectiles, some rays, etc.

Full Mojo Rampage Gameplay

One of the problems we have found balancing the game is that some wands are very powerful compared to others. One of the wands shoots 3 very fast projectiles and applies tons of damage. It’s similar to a shotgun in FPS games. What we found is that once somebody had this wand, he didn’t pick any others, thus limiting the interest and sophistication in the playability of the game. As a solution to that we developed the concept of “wand energy”. This means that you will only be able to use weapons for a limited amount of shots. This amount is not always fixed, since you can increase this amount with mojos and voodoo pins.


Mojos and Abilities

Some weeks ago we incorporated the concept of “abilities”. We have now changed the original concept.
Abilities were learned at Loa shrines and allowed you to cast powerful spells unlimited times. They were very powerful, but we found that we never used them. Once you had a good wand and good mojos, abilities were forgotten. We have changed the concept and have incorporated the gameplay of abilities into new mojos and special God quests.

Mojos are the most important items in the game. Without them, your character will be weak. The more mojos you find, the more powerful you are. They can have passive bonuses (extra health, extra damage, increase your wand energy, etc.) or active bonuses (fear enemies, move faster for X time, etc.). The plan is to have a huge amount of these mojos in the game, so we have spent some time working on them, but there is still work to be done. We are open to ideas for new mojos once the pre alpha is released!




Balancing this game is a huge task! There are many variables that the player can choose and which will change how powerful he is. We are spending a lot of time balancing stats and values. We want the first version available for play to be as balanced as possible, but we expect that we will do some tweaking after playing with a wider audience after pre alpha release.


Random fixes:

In our game everything is random. From the drops and level layout to the quests cards structure you can chose when starting a new game. After playing a lot of games, we noticed a very clear pattern in drops and behaviours. We checked our random number generator and noticed it had some big flaws that were not noticeable until we started balancing things… funny for a game where everything is random; but we fixed it (we had to completely change it) and now it its working like a charm. Our team will make an update about how this works in the next weeks, since it can be very interesting (specially if you are a game programmer).

Full Mojo Code

And last but not least, we have revamped the vendor and store in the game. Let me share with you a screenshot:

ScreenShot Full Mojo Vendor

During this week we plan to release a new video with some gameplay footage. Stay tuned to discover more of Full Mojo Rampage!

Have any questions for the team? please ask in Twitter, Facebook or register in our forums! We will gladly answer any question!