Full Mojo Rampage playable at Rezzed!

Hi everybody!

We wanted to update you about the current development of Full Mojo Rampage.

1. Some delays, but don’t worry… Alpha is closer!

Our initial intention was to release the first alpha in April, but with the last changes we will need a few more weeks to enter open alpha.

As a reward for the delay we will include the names of all the people that have pre-ordered the game before July 15 in very special way. We will email you personally to ask if you want your name in the game and tell you what we need 🙂



2. Classes… or sort of!

In RPG games (Torchlight, Diablo, NWN, etc.) you can always choose between different classes. Most of the times, there are always similarities in classes between games. You almost always have classes like a tank, a rogue, ranged, etc. Here we want to make something different.


When you start a new game in Full Mojo Rampage, you can choose a card of your “parent Loa”. This cards can be unlocked by playing the game and solving quests or collecting points. Right now we are focusing on 4 of these cards, but we would like to add more for you to try. This selection will affect the unique feats and skills of your character.


3. Early preview at Rezzed!
We will be at the Rezzed festival that takes place in Birmingham, June 22-23, along with other awesome indie games. There will be at least one PC where you can try the game and give us feedback.

Make sure to drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook if you plan on attending 🙂