Alpha 1 Now Available!

Finally! We are releasing today the first alpha of Full Mojo Rampage, and with that, we present you the first trailer that our awesome artists made:


The voice you hear is from our friend Alistair Lindsay (Rare, Microsoft, Introversion) who is helping us with the music and sound fx of the game. Big thanks to him and to our friends from Insert Coin Movie that gave us footage they recorded for their videogame documentary.

We also updated the  pre-order page with some fundraising tiers for those that want to give extra support to our team. Check them out and pledge for the one that is more interesting for you.
If you play the game, please join our forums as we want to hear your opinion and be able to improve the game as much as possible.

You can check the Alpha FAQ to get more information about the game and the pre-order process.

You can pre-order the game here: Pre-Order Now

Thank you!