New Alpha 5 Available!

Lots of improvements on this new alpha!

We have been working on a new quest called “A Dangerous Dream” and at the same time we have tweaked a bit here and a bit there!


“After waking up from a rough dream involving a big snake, our voodoo keeper goes in the quest to find the shrine of Damballah, a primordial loa, creator of all life. “

In the new quest, once you find Damballah’s shrine, you have two options: face the boss, the “Great Uru” right away, or go for his acolytes to reduce his power. We are curious if anyone manages to defeat the boss without the need of doing the side quests. Let us know how this goes!

When you try this new build, you will notice a few changes to the loa classes and spells. Now all loas have a different passive that gives us a different way of playing each class. We heared a lot of confusion about the use of the “mojo bar” so we have revamped that to make it easier to understand and more fun to play. Spells don’t have any “mojo” cost and can be casted if your cooldowns are good. Let me try and enumerate all the changes in this build:

– Big changes in the use of the “mojo” and spells. Previously each spell could be casted by spending some “mojo”. Based on feedback we changed this “mojo” to a “rampage bar” that can be filled to obtain extra advantages and each loa will handle this rampage in a different way… for example, there is a new loa class that works as a “support type” that will greatly improve odds of finding better items, more heals and more gold if the rampage bar is completely filled. With this change, we can add more variety to the gameplay with each loa.

Difficulty and enemies. Enemies can now spawn with “special properties” and are easily recognizable with colors. This elite enemies will improve the variety and randomness of the game. Blue enemies have a high amount of blocking chance, green ones create a poison cloud on dead, red ones have an aura of fire and yellow ones are faster and have a high probability of doing critical damage. All of these enemies have higher health than standard enemies.

New library screen to keep track of all the mojos you can found. This will grow in the next month to include all the mojos and voodoo dolls we add in the game. This new menu might be a good place to add general statistics, achievements and unlock progress.

– New shrine pacts added and the old ones were revamped. With this, we made entering in shrines a lot more interesting, as the rewards can be very good. Give us feedback!

– Lots of new sounds and music! thanks to Alistair Lindsay for this!

– Button to delete your savegame from the Options screen.


– Some new loa classes. Some of these (Lenglensou and Loko) are quite good for multiplayer! We have also changed the way of unlocking gods.

– Many new mojos: homing missiles, auras, wands, fixed the “skull of the tram” mojo, etc.

– Bug fixes: most of the bugs you helped us find have been fixed. Keep helping us, please 🙂

– Improved the feeling of enemies “spawning on your face”. This should be mitigated. A lot of you mentioned this was being a problem, so we changed the way enemies spawn in the game.


As always, we have tweaked many things from the previous quests (Quest 1 and Quest 2). We need feedback about this, so we encourage to delete the savegame and start with a fresh voodoo keeper!

Thanks everyone!