A challenge of madness! Now with local coop support!

This is a big update! we have a lot of new content and we are excited to tell you about all the things in this new Alpha 6.

IntroQ4_1 copy

A Challenge of Madness: in this new quest the 3 loas from previous quests challenge you to a series of levels with a twist: you will have to play under the effects of random curses.

Daily Quest: the daily quest is randomly generated every day. After finishing it your time will be submitted to our leaderboards and you can compare your run to other players.

– Difficulty levels: after finishing a quest you can replay it at harder difficulty levels. Warning: higher difficulty levels are impossible 😉 In the upcoming update we will make tweaks to this, but we think this is a good start and a fair challenge for worthy voodoo followers.

Achievements: there are a good amount of achievements for you to unlock. If you have ideas for new achievements let us know!

Translations: we now have support for several languages. Thanks to this community for helping us with this! Note that some translations are not finished and might need a review.


– The game now has full gamepad support.

– We have tweaked a bit the drops and drop rate of the items. Now its recommended to explore more the world to get good loot. We added a new reward room that has a chest that always spawns a mojo and we added a new “mojo mixer” room that let you mix mojos. This mixer might have a gold requirement in the future but we want to hear your feedback first.

– We added local coop support. I know some people that will be very happy for this.

Its been a long wait for this build, but we’re sure you will enjoy it.
We need feedback, comments and ideas!

Thanks for the patience and thanks for the great feedback we have received so far!