Blessings, Survival Unlimited and tons of mojos added!

We just uploaded a new update with several improvements and tweaks.

This is the changelog for the current build:

New Survival Unlimited mode: this mode lets you play a new version of the survival game mode, but with unlimited hordes. We added leaderboards to keep track of your records. Lets see how far can we go.

Blessings: when you reach level 5 you can now buy “blessings” before starting a game. Blessings are expensive, but provide good advantages. They are only valid for the current quest you are playing. Blessings can be very helpful for the harder difficulty modes.


New mojos: We added a lot of new mojos with several new properties and effects. Many surprises!

Borderless window now supported.

– New map events added.

– New easter egg masks added.


As you can see, this new alpha is titled “release candidate” because we want to release the game in the upcoming days. After the release we plan to continue updating the game adding new quests and modes. We are already receiving great feedback and ideas for new content that we want to do.


Big thanks for the big help this community is giving us so far with bug tracking and translations!