Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms does the game support?
The game is now available on PC/Windows, Xbox One and PS4.

What can you tell me about the soundtrack?
The soundtrack was composed by the awesome Alistair Lindsay (Rare, Frontier, Introversion). The full soundtrack can be obtained through our Humble Bundle widget.

What are the system requirements for the game on PC?
A Windows PC with XP, Windows 7 or 8. Dual Core 2.0 GHz or equivalent, NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GT or better, ATI Radeon™ HD 3850 or better.

What are the requirements for PC online modes?
You need a Steam account to play online.

Why did you release the game in Alpha/Early Access?
We are an indie studio of 5 game developers and we are making Full Mojo Rampage with our own resources. Releasing in alpha lets us keep doing what we love the most: creating games. Without the pre-orders we wouldn’t be able to add all the content and game modes that we want. We also want to create a game while being able to discuss the gameplay with the community. We will be keeping an eye on the forums, Twitter and Facebook.

How does naming your Voodoo doll and the custom Voodoo doll work?

This option was only available while our game was in Alpha.

If you order the Voodoo Summoner tier, you can send us your name or nickname and we will add it to the set of random dolls that appear in the game. These dolls also have a description, so you will be able to provide a few lines telling something cool about yourself.

The Voodoo Master tier is similar, but each time your doll appears in the game it will have a unique visual style created for you. We will email you to ask you about the colors and style you like. You can give us a specific direction  and our artists will follow that. Want your doll to have jeans and glasses? a mustache? a mullet?

Below is an example of how they appear in the game. The doll properties are randomly calculated.


How many voodoo Loa (gods) are in the game?
We are releasing FMR with 8 unlockable Loas. We have a list of more than 20 Loa than we want to add in future updates.

What are the pins that I see in the menu?
When you configure your character you can select which pins you want to have. Pins can be upgrades with gold and provide small benefits to your character. Some pins will be more useful for multiplayer vs modes and some for single player or coop quests. The ideas is that players can customize their character to match their game strategy.

Can I stream the game, make videos and monetize on YouTube?
YES! Please do! This is a great way to raise awareness of the game. If you make a video, drop us a line! we love watching people play our game 🙂

Who is the best voodoo god?
Baron Samedi, he is a bad-ass.

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