Support Us

Your pre-order will get you access to the alpha today and a copy of the game when it’s finished. We will provide a DRM free option and you’ll get a Steam key too!

Also, everyone who pre-orders will get access to a private forum where we will be posting questions and polls to ask you about your opinion on features and how can we improve the gameplay experience.

Read our FAQ for important information and learn more about pre-orders







Pre-orderers get:

  • Access to the full PC/Windows version of the game.
  • Access to all Alpha versions of the game. We will be updating the alpha version frequently.
  • A Steam key.
  • Eternal gratitude and good juju from the team.


Other ways to help our team:

  • Help us translate the game into other languages! We can provide you with the game files in English and explain how you can translate the texts from the game (around 4000 words). Do you want to see the game translated to Esperanto, Klingon or Sindarin? this is your opportunity! Write us at:
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and help us share tweets and thoughts about the game! We need people to know about Full Mojo Rampage and you can help us.
  • Make a voodoo ritual following this guide. Don’t forget to send us pictures if you do!