Early Access on Steam

Hi everyone, last week we published Full Mojo Rampage on the Early Access section of Steam. The uploaded version has updates from the previous Alpha.

The Steam store page has some extra information about the game.

Check the store page here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/225280/


The changelist for Alpha 0.2.83 and 0.2.83B is this:

  • Characters can now level up and increase stats.
  • Pins can now be upgraded.
  • Difficulty has been tweaked. Health and damage of enemies have changed. Too easy? too hard?
  • Masochist mode added. Once you finish the first quest, you can play it again in masochist mode. Very hard.
  • Medals can now be used to unlock masks.
  • Secret mask added.
  • Gamepad support added for most of the game. Only the character customization screen must be controlled with mouse.


This week we will review all your feedback and begin working on new content for the next alpha.

So far the feedback has been awesome! Thanks everyone! Please keep sending us your feedback and ideas. You can email us directly, write on our forums or visit the Official forum on the Steam Community page of the game. There is a lot of activity there!