Alpha 3 is Here!

Hello voodoo followers!

We are proud to announce that the new alpha is ready and its full of new content!

Alpha 3 introduces a new quest called “A Rebel Loa”: one of Maddam Brigitte’s shrines has been destroyed and she is mad! Who dares doing this to her? For the restoration spell that she will cast on the shrine, she wants you to collect some relics and ingredients. Help her and gain Brigitte’s favor. She will be a powerful ally on your side!

This update includes several new mojos, voodoo pins and a secret new mask.

The new quest also has 2 new bosses. They are harder and bigger than Mandingo, so be careful!

We recommend to start playing from a fresh savegame (delete the older one) as we have tweaked difficulty and balancing of the first levels of the game. Your current savegame should work, but some issues with balancing might arise.

Your feedback in the last months has been very useful, so keep it coming!

Thanks everyone!